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  Your operation system is not as perfect as you think, and you have to try your best to keep it running as long as possible. Don't you notice that your hard drive is becoming "fatter and fatter"? There is more and more waste in you hard disks because of long-time-unclearing. How can we move these useless files from our hard disks?

  Ultra Cleaner is right a convenient tool for disk cleaning. It can help you to find out useless files(just like the trace of browser and Windows) in your system and move them out, to get more space in your hard disks. Ultra Cleaner not only has clear user interface but also has the utility allowing you to change its skin as you like.

What can Ultra Cleaner do?

  Detect and delete obsolete files.
  Detect and delete corrupted short cut in Start Menu.
  Manage/Delete IE cache, history, web address history and cookie.
  Empty Recycle bin.
  Cleanup Start menu and Recent Document list.
  Cleanup Run history.
  Display hard disk information.


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