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Ultra Cleaner FAQ

Q: How can I change its skin?
  A: Use [Options] -> [Effect] and choose "Enable use skins", then you can choose skin from skin-list, click "Apply" after you choose it. And if you want to see more skins, you can click "Get more" or visit our website: http://www.speedbin.com/downloads.html, you can download skins then copy them into the skins directory of Ultra Cleaner.

Q:Can I restore the deleted files?
  A:If you choose [Zip and delete to] to clean, of course you can restore them. Operation:Start Ultra Cleaner, click [Restore Wizard], you can see all the deleted files reported in the restore list according to time when they are deleted,then you can choose the item that you need and click [Restore]. [Restore Wizard] will restore the files right now.

Q:Why some of the files can not be cleaned when click the button [clean] after scanning?

  A:That's because those files maybe are using by other applicated program or your system. It is suggested that you'd better close other programs before cleaning.

Q:Why do we only see hard disks in disk list?

  A: Ultra Cleaner clears up useless files only in hard disks.

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